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Florida New Pool Construction

One of the great joys of living in Florida is that we can use our pools and spas year round, this allows us to get the most value out of investing in a new pool construciton. New pools or spas can be added to an existing propery, if space and zoning allow, or to new construction. Give us a call today to find out how you can start enjoying a new pool immediately!

Complete Pool Service has 20 years of pool service and maintenance, right here in south Florida. We know how to help keep your pool working properly, so you and your family can enjoy swimming and playing in your new beautiful back yard resort.

A Complete Pool Service

Once your new pool is finished, Complete Pool Service will visit, as needed, for regular maintenance and service. And don't worry, We Show Up!

Top 3 Reasons To Use Professional Pool Service

Convenience - Most people simply can not afford to spend the proper amount of time required to properly maintain a pool. Hiring a Certified Pool Operator to service your pool will assure it is done properly and eliminate the risks invloved with handling pool chemicals.

Competence - At complete pool service, we have been maintianing pools for 20 years. We are professionals who know exactly how to properly maintain and service your pool.

Cost Effective - It does initially cost a little more to have a professional service your pool, but when you consider the cost of chemicals and the time you would spend doing it yourself, it makes more sense to have CPS take care of your pool.

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