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Pool Inspections

Are you purchasing a home, renting, or considering opening a pool that's been closed? Pool equipment and plumbing can be confusing and can easily break if not used correclty. We will come out and inspect your equipment if you feel that something is not working properly or just simply want to make sure all is functioning up to par. Having your pool inspected before trying to use it on your own is very important, so you know exactly what you are getting into.

In many cases, a neglected pool or spa will have several hidden problems, or problems in plain sight that the average home owner wouldn't recognize. Having a professional inspection can save countless hours of wasted time and money, so call CPS today for a complete pool inspection!

How It Works

When we come to inspect your pool, we'll get as much history of the pool as possible and then inspect the pool and all the equipment. This includes testing the chemical balance of the pool, doing leak inspections, all testing all equipment and pumps. We'll also inspect the pool's structure and surfaces, so you know how long they should last and if they need any current repairs.

Give us a call today and we'll show up!